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Membership Requirements

  1. Apply for membership using application provided from the HBAMM Board of Directors.
    Be sponsored by an active member in good standing with the HBAMM. (If you don't know anyone, we can help.)
  2. Builders: Have an Alabama Home Building License and General Liability Insurance.
  3. Associates: Have an updated Business License in the State of Alabama.
  4. Applicants accepted by the HBAMM shall pay annual dues which will be prorated for the month they join and can be divided and paid on a semi-annual basis. All HBAMM memberships are considered 3 in 1. When you join locally, you also become a member of the Home Builders Association of Alabama and the National Association of Home Builders. Dues are not refundable or tax deductible. Dues may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed by law on lobbying activities.  A portion of dues goes to support lobbying activities for the housing industry.
  5. Participate and stay active in the HBAMM to establish and maintain working relationships in the building industry.
  6. Be in good standings with the HBAMM as determined by its Board of Directors and Standard & Ethics Committee.
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